Addressing key business needs

Before any investment project can commence its operation in Cambodia, it is important for project owners to be aware of any regulatory compliance and requirement. Subsequently, you may proceed with recruitment, financing, and property procurement. For more details and guidelines, visit our last resources.



Registering your investment project

Following the checklist on our website, you can prepare your documents accordingly and submit at the reception desk (one-stop service). Registering your investment project can also be done online at Once all required documents are submitted, registration certificate will be issued within 20 (twenty) working days.



Incentives and Schemes

The Cambodian government offers generous incentives to investors help boost sustainable and robust economic development. To check your eligibility for QIP status, please visit Incentives and Schemes. For investments in SEZ, you can find further information about SEZ success story and other leading companies at SEZ.



Visas & Immigration

According to article 22 of the law on investment of the Kingdom of Cambodia promulgated on 15 October 2021, the Council for the Development of Cambodia or the Municipal-Provincial Sub-Committee shall issue a letter to certify the investment status for the persons involved in the Investment Project at the request of the Investor to be used for applying for a temporary long-term stay permit, work permit and employment book and other necessary purposes in accordance with the procedures in force. Special procedures for applying for work permits and employment book as stated in this article shall be set out in the joint Prakas of the Council for the Development of Cambodia and the Ministry in charge of Labor. Procedures and special procedures for applying for a temporary long-term stay permit as stated in this article shall be determined by a separate Sub-Decree.



Other Online Services

We provide innovative ways of investment facilitation in part of the efforts to streamline the approval process via online platform. You can request for a simpler import duty exemption of items to be used in the investment project at the implementation process through Master List Online  linked with the National Single Window. You can also find a domestic qualified suppliers of production inputs in Cambodia by accessing to the Supplier Database with Sustainability Dimensions (SD2).