Application Form

No. Services Download
1 New Investment Project Form
English   Khmer   Checklist
2 Investment in Formation For Survey Form (CIB-01S) (COC Form)
3 Master List CIB-01E(I)
4 Expansion Project Application
English   Khmer   Checklist
5 Provision of Consultancy Services  
6 Organization of field visit for investment delegation  
7 Provision of Investment relate documents  
8 Provision of Guide service  
9 Provision of Investor’s match-making service  
10 Visa Facilitation  
11 Company registration of the company  
12 Request for delete company name  
13 Request for certifying investment capital  
14 Correction of type and cost of goods  
15 Company closure  
16 Suspension of the production activity  
17 Withdrawal of the deposit  
18 Extension of the import permit  
19 Certificate of compliance (COC)  
20 Change type of goods  
21 Request for additional item into existing master list  
22 Change production type  
23 Request for OPA  
24 Change the location of the company headquarter  
25 Request for destruction of old machineries  
26 Transfer of machineries  
27 Export of machineries  
28 Sale of old machineries  
29 Request for import duties exemption  
30 Production expansion  
31 Addition of new production  
32 Transfer of shares  
33 Change factory’s location  
34 Change company’s name  
35 Change the Board of Director or representative  
36 Reduction or increase of the registered capital  
37 Merger and Acquisition  
38 Review and approval of the master plan of an island or coastal projects  
39 Site visit for new investment project (Regardless number of visit)